RuAnn Dairy

RuAnn Dairy was established in 1957 by Doug Maddox and his father Rufus. They started with 28 Holsteins and 500 acres of farmland. The herd was carefully but steadily expanded and by 1960, RuAnn was milking 300 cows. Today, the herd numbers over 3,000 head with 1,000 milking cows. The herd at RuAnn Dairy consists of 100% Registered Holsteins and serves as the foundation for both dairies’ genetic programs.

To build this genetic foundation, RuAnn has an intensive embryo transfer program. They harvest 3,000 to 4,000 embryos a year. Embryo transfer allows RuAnn Dairy to stay on the cutting edge in breeding the best genetic animals. Living the belief that we are breeding the “Best to the Best”.