Maddox Dairy

Established in 1982, Maddox Dairy was founded on the belief that modern facilities, directed by a staff of dedicated experts, could efficiently handle large numbers of dairy cattle in a productive and profitable manner. Today, we continue to prove this equation true. The herd currently consists of over 4,000 milking cows with a rolling herd average of 26,587m 3.6% on 3x milking.

However, the efficiency of any dairy cannot be measured on herd average alone. An accurate assessment of all aspects of management is necessary to ensure optimum return and greatest future gains. Here at Maddox Dairy we pride ourselves on our acute attention to detail, an ongoing daily quest that has proven instrumental in the success of our business.

Our hunger for excellence has given birth to a new era here at Maddox dairy.  We have accelerated our philosophy of “breeding the best to the best” with our state of the art embryo transfer program. Today, we continue to improve our genetics with over 300 embryo transfers a month.

We welcome you to tour our facilities, view our managerial practices, and witness first-hand how we attempt to combine the Holstein cow, human resources and modern technology to shape the future of Maddox Dairy.