About Us

When Douglas Maddox was thirteen, living on the family farm in Laton, California, a neighbor gave him a Holstein calf. This event started Maddox on a career towards building what has become one of the largest registered dairy farming operations in the nation, with over 12,000 U.S. Holstein cows and 10,000 acres of farmland, most managed by members of the Maddox family.

We at RuAnn and Maddox Dairy have been breeding Registered Holsteins for more than 50 years and have employed a full-time Embryo Transfer program since 1980. Our strategy is to “Breed the Best to the Best”. We are producing an elite group for the next generation as evidenced by the pedigrees of these RuAnn and Maddox young sires. We have depth of cow families with generations of selection always breeding the “Best to the Best”.

In 1999 we decided to select the top one percent of our young bulls to serve as herd sires for Maddox Dairy. This was a decision predicated not only by economics, but a desire to have better control of our genetic program. The results are even better than we had expected! Overall type and production of each animal as well as overall herd health has improved with the selection of these elite young bulls. Each bull is selected with an emphasis on udders, feet and legs, size and strength and high component milk production.


It has never been our intent to enter the semen selling business. However, we have had a number of requests to make semen available from our herd sires and we are attempting to honor your requests. As we make our herd sire semen available to our friends, we hope you will enjoy the same success we feel we have achieved.


We think our herd is unique in both size and quality. High milk production has been our trademark for years, however, we think you will be most impressed with our herd’s udders, and feet and legs. Currently we have over 200 Excellent and over 1,000 Very Good cows in the herd. The total of “Excellent” and “Very Good” cows below is just the foundation for what lies ahead.


Our lifetime results say it all, and we invite your critique and comparison.

Classified Excellent Very Good GMD DOM
Home Bred 850 6250 146 168
Owned/Developed 592 2560 97 142
Total Cows 1442 8810 243 310

If you haven’t visited Ruann / Maddox Dairy for awhile, we would like to extend an open invitation. Even without a Fiesta, we will still try to be good hosts. Come see, and judge for yourself.

Doug , Steve, Pat, and Stephen Jr.