Maddox Farms

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12863 W. Kamm - Riverdale, California   93656


    Adjacent to the dairy is Maddox Farms, consisting of 10,000 acres. The farm provides all roughage for the dairy, with 2,000 acres in alfalfa for hay, 1,500 acres double-cropped with corn and winter forage for silage. The remaining open acreage is normally rotated around cash crops such as wheat or sugar beets.

     Of the 2,300 acres of wine grapes, varieties include Chenin Blanc, Rubi Red,



Ruby Cabernet, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardoney, Zinfandel and French Colombard varities which are sold to Constellation Wineries with labels including Engelnook Estate Cellars, Cooks Champagne, Dunnewood, Arbor Mist, Mystic Cliffs and Paul Masson.

1,500 additional acres are diversified into almond trees.